Fundraising Services

Annual Fund Planning

Robust annual fund campaigns that include direct mail and digital fundraising are the core of any fundraising strategy. Your individual donors, the people who are passionate about your work, are key to your fundraising success. We will examine your current activities, results, staffing and budget. Based on this and additional information we will make recommendations that could include new tactics, staff training, or a recalibration of benchmarks.

Grant Readiness Assessment, Proposal Review and Recommendations

Funding from grants can produce a significant portion of revenue for your organization. Are you making the most of this important income stream? We can help you determine your grant readiness by performing an assessment of your procedures, your research strategies, and your time management plan. We will work with your development team to match their capabilities and capacities with a realistic grants calendar of application and reporting dates that will generate philanthropic income for your organization.


Coaching for your team or individual staff can help them with professional and personal growth, understand their impact on others, and create better accountability throughout the organization. We are here to help.

Relationship Management

What is your relationship with your donors? Do you know why your donors give to your organization? Do they donate a second time? We can help you answer these questions and others to create strong connections with your donors. This is done by understanding what motivates your donors, building a donor-centered action plan that will inspire donors to give generously.

Donor Retention

Donor Retention goes hand-in-hand with Relationship Management. We will help you keep the donors you have as well as welcome new, first-time donors. Working with your development team we will create a tiered gift recognition and stewardship plan that will honor your loyal donors.

Build Your Development Team

Are you ready to expand your development efforts? Whether you are a department of one or you have several positions reporting to you, we can help you create a sustainable structure, make sure your organization’s needs, staff, and position descriptions align for optimal outcomes now and in the future

Event Planning

Successful events start with a plan for success. Whether it’s your annual gala or an open house, it’s imperative that you take the time to plan. We will ask the right questions, create a timeline, and develop an event budget that can make the difference between earning revenue or losing it. Our years of event planning can help you create a successful event.