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October 1st, Q4 is here and COVID19 or not, we still have to raise money for our nonprofit organizations, especially now, at the end of the year when 30% of all charitable giving is done in the U.S.

Our clients, our patrons, our communities depend on us.

If you haven’t started planning your end-of-year appeal, it’s not too late, it’s close, but not totally unrealistic.

Everything starts with a plan, a timeline and goals. Here’s some basic steps to follow:

·        Decide the theme of your appeal message. Involve your team and let the creativity flow.

·        Analyze past campaign reports to help you establish realistic goals.

·        Segment donors. A lapsed donor and a major donor should receive different messages.

·        Write your appeal for each segment. Remember why donors give during the holiday season.

o  They want to feel good about helping others.

o  They want to connect with something positive.

o  They want to take advantage of tax deductions.

·        Make it easy for your donors to give online. Test the donate button on your website and on your Facebook donation page to make sure they are working properly.

·        By November, your messaging should be finalized. Send your first round of solicitations.

·        December is when you will

o  update your donors on the progress of the appeal

o  send a follow-up appeal, possibly by participating in Giving Tuesday,

o  send a third solicitation between Christmas and New Year’s Eve for those late givers.

Most importantly, December and January are also the time to say, “Thank you.” Be creative and genuinely grateful. Involve your board members, other volunteers, and if appropriate, your clients. Don’t just send another email if you can help it. Phone calls, even if you leave a voice mail; handwritten thank you notes; children’s drawings, if you work with children; all demonstrate that extra touch that make a difference to donors.

DMGroupConsulting has one goal, to help you achieve your goals. We offer fundraising and board development services to nonprofit organizations and social responsibility planning to small and mid-size for-profit businesses. Please contact us for more information.