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August is all about me and other lucky people who are born under the Sun sign of Leo.

Happy Birthday month to Us!

Birthdays usually mean a time for reflection. What happened this year. What to look forward in the coming year.

This year I’ve experienced the loss of several friends. Some deaths were completely unexpected. Other friends were battling illnesses and ultimately passed over. At the same time, new life is on the way. My family is expecting a baby! Another grandchild to add to the tribe. Death and birth – the balance of life.

I’ve also seen karma at work this year. People who have been less than nice through the decades of their lives are now dealing with the aftermath of addictions, excess, and abusive behavior. Maybe karma exists, maybe it doesn’t. I believe it does.

I jumped into the entrepreneurial world about three years ago when many of my friends were retiring and moving to Colorado or Florida. I have twenty-plus years of nonprofit fundraising and management knowledge. I did not have the for-profit “how to run a business” knowledge. So, I am learning. I’m learning everyday from generous supportive people who want me to succeed.

Parallel to my business life is my love of the arts. Art and beauty are important to me. I am a patron of the performing and visual arts, and I am a visual artist. I love to read and make things. I also love to share what I know and what I have. I’ve learned through the years that not everyone is receptive to my free-form idea sharing, or my great ideas that are the solutions to their challenges.

Now, I guide others to their best ideas rather than solve their problems. People who learn how to solve their problems are better prepared to deal positively with their challenges. The other day I was at a pop-up art sale with my daughter. She was having trouble with a payment app. She and the vendor were trying to make it work. I had enough cash to pay for her purchase and almost went over to pay for it. But I stopped myself. Why did I feel like I needed to do that? We were not in a hurry. She’s an adult woman who has her own money. The vendor was patient and helpful. She didn’t need me. My job was done.

My children are grown and making their own way in the world. Their children, my grandchildren, have their parents. They just need me to adore and love them.

Now is my time – to be an entrepreneur, to be an artist, to try new things and make new friends. With fewer responsibilities, now is my time to be fearless!

Watch out, Leo on the prowl.

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