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What a year, again! Just when we thought the pandemic was behind us and we were taking a collective deep breath, it reared its ugly head with a makeover, Delta variant. My extended family has experienced the death of a loved one due to COVID and I am grateful that we have lost no one else. Even as we grieve, we are resilient. We move forward.

I am grateful for my family, friends, and clients. I am grateful for the moral support of my husband, who listens to my self-doubt and reminds me that I know what I’m doing. I’m grateful for my adult children who live their lives of service to their communities.

My clients this year have been a varied lot and have come to me through unexpected channels. Out of the blue, I was invited to present a series of workshops on grant readiness at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls. I met some great people at MSU and learned a lot about the Wichita Falls nonprofit community. I also learned that public speaking can be fun.

A friend of a friend introduced me to the Goethe Center in Dallas and I presented to their board of directors on governance and fundraising. The Alliance for Greater Works and Education First Steps gave me opportunities to coach their team members and strategize on their fundraising.

CNM, formally known as Center for Nonprofit Management, invited me to facilitate one of their Leaders’ Circles. It’s been a fabulous experience.

My friends have been so very supportive and helpful. Michelle, Katey, Christina, Viola, Camille, Sarah Jane, Paul, Ken, Martha, Jeff, Randall and others have given freely of their time, advice, referrals, and even business. I am grateful for all of them and others.

I’ve made new friends and met new colleagues through new organizations such as the Association of Philanthropic Counsel, the Incubator@SMU, the Oak Cliff Women in Business, and the Southwest Women’s Business Council. I have recently recertified as a Woman-Owned Business (WBE).

As I begin year three of this still new journey as an entrepreneur, I will continue to need encouragement and help. At the same time, I feel secure in the knowledge that I am surrounded with people who want me to succeed and will do what they can to support my dreams. Thanks to all who believed in me and who have brought me this far.
Happiest of Holidays and a Fabulous New Year!

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