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Professional Services

Board Training

A board of directors that understands its role within the nonprofit organization is invaluable. Too often, there are misconceptions, little experience, and no training. We can help your board leadership understand the power of intentional recruitment, comprehensive orientation, and training in board governance. We also offer educational opportunities for your board members on a variety of topics including the roles and responsibilities of board members, fundraising for board members and how to make the most of your nominations process.

Fundraising Planning

We will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that will integrate with your marketing strategies to effectively connect your mission with their passion for your cause. We will calendar your appeals, proposals, events, newsletters, and social media posts to create a consistent communications stream to your donors.

Strategic Planning

We will guide you and your organization through the phases of developing a strategic plan that will be your roadmap into the future. Our process is designed to engage all stakeholders to create a plan that includes their vision for the future with specific goals, and action steps to make those goals a reality.


Personalized one-on-one time can make all the difference between a good leader and an exceptional one. Our collaborative relationship will provide mentoring as well as customized support to help you reach your goals and the goals of your organization.

Grant Readiness: Assess, (ADD) Plan, Implement

Assessment: Determine capacity and preparedness of development team to generate compelling grant proposals and applications.

Plan: Create a comprehensive file of information, documents, and data required for foundation proposals. Create a grants pipeline with due dates for proposals and reports and other pertinent information.

Implement: Support development team by completing grant applications and/or proposals and packaging with all required documents for submission.