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Next Chapter

Who remembers January 2020? It was three months before COVID became a household word and our way of life changed drastically.

I remember that month because that’s when I launched my business, DMGroupConsulting. I never thought I would become an entrepreneur and move to the other side, the “for-profit” side. I knew enough about business to know that I needed help.

I also knew that this was no time to be too proud to ask for it. I’ve spent most of my adult life recovering from Imposter Syndrome. It held me back with self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. I avoided failure by not taking chances for growth and advancement.

For me, it was now or never. Fortunately, I had family supporting my decisions and friends who became my first clients. I hired the help I needed, such as a web designer for my website and an attorney to create my LLC. I could have done that myself and saved money, but I didn’t want to spend my time frustrated with learning a new skill.

Now, almost three and a half years later, I’m still in business, doing the work I enjoy, helping others with their nonprofit organizations. Again, I’m not doing this alone. I have Katey Flores who keeps DMGroupConsulting visible on social media, listens to my crazy ideas, and gives constructive feedback. I’ve been able to hire a grant researcher and a grant writer on an as needed basis. My business is certified as a WBE (Woman-Owned Business Enterprise). I’m learning how to run a business, and I’m continually educating myself on best practices for nonprofits.

It’s been so rewarding to see a client actually use their strategic plan that I helped them create; to see another organization use a board matrix for their recruiting and board nominations; and to hear from people who tried something successfully that I suggested on my webinar.

“Free Fridays” and “About Fundraising” grew from a workshop that I did on fundraising planning. Once a week, first on Fridays and then on Thursdays, I presented on a wide range of nonprofit topics, mostly fundraising, but I also touched on other subjects. I had guests and guest hosts. I’m coming up on my two-year anniversary of my free webinars in May and will host my last “About Fundraising” at noon on Thursday, May 11th.

It’s time for the next chapter, the next phase of growth. I will still write my monthly newsletter. (Thank you for not unsubscribing.) And I may write more pieces to post on LinkedIn or maybe other platforms. I’m also considering joining the ranks of podcasters. That’s a whole other world, but I want to continue to share my knowledge and make it available to you and others.

So, here’s to the next chapter, level, phase. Choose your noun and go for it.

Join me Thursday at noon, CST, for About Fundraising!

  • April 13th: Make the Phone Call
  • April 20th: Donor Outreach
  • April 27th: IDEA – Why It’s Important and The Ripple Effect
  • May 4th: We Have No Donors, What Do We Do?
  • May 11th: Halfway through the FY, Now What?

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