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Ambition or Not?

Recently, I was visiting with a friend. We were talking and she asked me how my consulting business was doing. I started telling her about my plans to start a podcast and about the barter agreement with a marketing firm. I also told her about how I’ve put myself in a position to do a workshop at the DFW AFP conference in June even though public speaking makes me extremely nervous.

She smiled and I asked her why. She said, “you’re so ambitious!” That really surprised me.

Yes, I am ambitious but to a point. I know lots of people who are way more ambitious than I am. This made me think, just because I see others as more ambitious, does that make me less so? Why am I uncomfortable claiming my own ambition?

I started my consulting business when many of my peers are moving toward retirement. I’m not sure why that’s important to me, but it’s a comparison I often make. I want to do more. Grow my business, practice my art, learn new things. I think it’s important to challenge myself, to do things that make me uncomfortable, like public speaking. Does this add up to ambition?

To accomplish the things I enjoy and also the things that challenge me, I need to be healthy. My health was something I took for granted for decades. I was hardly ever sick. I didn’t suffer from allergies or asthma like my sisters. I was invincible, until I wasn’t.

I’m still pretty healthy, but to keep myself standing tall and strong, I work out every Sunday morning with a trainer. Even though I’ve been doing this for more than a year, I still can’t believe I get up early every Sunday morning to go to a gym and work with a trainer who is also a physical therapist.

To me, all of this does not add up to “ambition” it adds up to me. Who I am.

Thursday, May 11, was our last live “About Fundraising.” I appreciate everyone who has attended to learn more about fundraising. All of our “About Fundraising” webinars are on YouTube. Stay tuned for the launch of my podcast.

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